My name is Brandi and I am going through a rough time right now, it never fails that when things are especially hard, I open my email and there is a "Daily Inspiration" quote. A lot of times the quote will be directly related to what I am dealing with, but no matter what it says, I always feel so much better after reading them and they are just what I need to keep me going for just one more day!!!

Everyday I look forward to these little tid bits of wisdom that I receive from u. When my divorce and move were coming down I felt like I had a friend out there cheering me alone. Thank u for doing what u do!

Thank you ,thank you! Lift my spirits everyday. I love it.

Quotes of the day inspires me in so many ways. It brightens my cloudy day, it showers me with empathy for humanity, and above all, it gives me closure of completeness and worthiness. Tomorrow is not promise. As I live for today I give Christ my all who strengths and calm me through stormy days!

I love the daily inspirations - some of course, more than others. but some really help me in my daily life - they make me think and inspire me. in our daily rush to get things done, its easy to sell life short, but deep down, we realize life is a wonderful short ride to eternity. thank you for this remarkable service.

I need this every single day, I open my email with the knowledge that whatever quote it is, it will help me get through this day! And it does! For that, I say Thank You.

I send my favorite quotes to my daughter...she is a fashion design student and a lot of the quotes I receive I forward to her to help her stay motivated and to remind her that anything is possible. You have great motivation quotes!! Thank You!!